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  Irpinia & Vulture


A ship can cross all the seas, to know every place and to see whatever people.
An earth, cannot do instead it. But when all the people cross it and every place finds in it a space, then the dry land becomes ship and takes the name of  Terra di Mezzo (Middle Earth).
From "La Terra di Mezzo" of Giuliano Minichiello

It is this one of the most complete and meaningful descriptions of the territory in which Porta d’Oriente is born.
On one side the so-called Green Irpinia, from the luxuriant nature, from the sweet hills, from the ancient history and from the other there is the area of the Vulture with so many wonder to be discovered and traditions to be lived.

The Irpinia, as the territory of the Province of Avellino is named, it finds its origins in distant epoch to the age of the Iron, as testified by some ruins in different areas of the territory.
The name Irpinia derives from the word osca "hirpus" that means wolf. The animal populated the luxuriant woods of the hills and it has remained the symbol of this earth.
So many dominations, conquests and alternations of passage of people on this earth have enriched the people of culture, history and unique traditions.

On the oriental slope the Irpinia finds its natural continuation in a territory as many ancient and fascinating as the area of the Vulture. The Vulture is an extinct volcano. Its slopes, fertile and luxuriant, are covered by a stupendous secular forest. For a long time note for its mineral waters and for the production of wine and oil famous, the area of the Vulture also represents an edge of territory of particular naturalistic interest in how much it contains numerous ecosystems characterized by rich components.

Such magnificent territory constitutes, therefore, an enormous tourist resource on which Porta d’Oriente has decided to aim.

Not only the naturalistic and historical characteristics but also those cultural and gastronomic and wine ones do of the Irpinia and Vulture an important reality.

The wines appreciated of the province of Avellino, the Greco of Tufo, the Fiano of Avellino and the Aglianico of Taurasi, the only three DOCGs of Campania, in partnership to the so many typical products as: the chestnut IGT of Montella, the filberts of Avella, the apple annurca, the extra-virgin olive oil, the black truffle of Bagnoli Irpino, the pecorino of Carmasciano, the caciocavallo podalico of Montella and others still constitute the base for the simple and delicious culinary tradition of Irpinia.

Moving us on the area of Vulture we find the wine Aglianico of the Vulture DOC, black truffles, chestnuts and meats of game.

What will be proposed to you it will be therefore a trip through the castles, the fortresses, the ancient caverns, the woods and the best products of this magnificent Terra di Mezzo.