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We straightly recommend to visit the territory and the properties in which you are interested in before start the purchase path. The viewing trip we offer to you is not a simple trip to visit properties to buy but is a way to know and enjoy all the characteristic of the territory where you will spend your holiday time. The viewing trips proposed are like the first step toward the knowledge and the discover of a unspoilt area by chaos and rumors. 
Porta d’Oriente agency every month proposes to you a dedicated viewing trip to enjoy the beautiful area and visit properties. The offers will be arranged considering the season and particular moment of the life of the town you will visit (festivals, etc). in this way you will take part to real life style of the region.
You have only to follow the steps below.

  1. Book your flight on www.ryanair.com, if you want to arrive in Bari, or on www.ba.com if you prefer to get to Naples. Both companies propose low cost tickets;
  2. Choose your favorite itinerary from the ones proposed by Porta d’Oriente Agency. The cost of each itinerary includes: accommodation, meals and tasting, transfer if you choose it without rent a car;  
  3. You will meet at the airport one of our driver, or if you prefer rent a car and, once arrived in Calitri or the other places proposed, you will meet one of our experienced sales representatives, you will be taken to your accommodation and looked after professionally in a friendly, comfortable environment during your stay with absolutely no pressure to buy. We look forward to showing you this delightful country! 

If you have particular requests, please, let us know and we will be glad to arrange a trip just for you.

Itinerary 1: cod. Cal01 BOOK HERE

Book here the option to have a personal guide during your inspection trip for €25 per half-day and €50 per a complete day. Find your favorite accommodation and book it in rental section of this web-site.

Both itineraries are available for viewing trips of properties of “Marvellous Calitri”, “Wonderful Irpinia” and “Fantastic Vulture”.